Friday, December 7, 2012

FTU-Antique Beauty

FTU-Antique Beauty

Tube of choice-I am using a BEAUTIFUL tube by Maxine Gadd.  You can
purchase this and other great works of art at CDO.

Filters used- Mura's Meister Copies *Wallpaper Perspective*, Effects
Texture Effects Mosaic-Antique, Xero Porcelain.

Font used is Carpenter ICG.


Open a 600X250 Transparent New Image.

Open your tube and copy and paste as a New Layer.

Effect Plug Ins Mura's Meister Copies.  In the box below the picture
Scroll to find Wallpaper Perspective.  These are the settings I used:

With your bottom layer active, Selections Select All, Activate your
wallpaper layer, Image Crop to Selection.

Layers Duplicate and on that top layer Effects Plug Ins Xero Porcelain.
These are the settings I used:

Effects Texture Effects Mosaic-Antique.  These are the settings I used:

Change your blend mode on this layer to Overlay.

Copy and paste your tube again but this time move it under the overlay
layer and add a dropshadow.

With your top layer active, Layers New Raster layer. This will become
your frame layer. I chose to floodfill with #202020.  You might chose
a different color. So floodfill with your color of choice.  Selections
Select All Selections Modify Contract 4 and hit the delete key once on
your keyboard.  Selections Select None.

Layers Merge Merge Visible.

Add your ©Copyright Information and Name.

Here is an example I used with Anna Marine

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