Friday, July 15, 2011

Independent Woman

This is my first tut in like a year and a half LOL  I hope I did ok with it.  Please drop me a note here if I made a mistake.

Independent Woman

I used the BNB Independent Woman Scrap Kit by Spirit & Scraps
You can Download HERE  

I used the Artwork of Jennifer Janesko.  You can purchase from CDO.
You can go to the CDO store HERE

Use any mask you want.  I am not sure where I got the mask I used so unable to give you a link to it.

Font used is Pea Ambrielle.  It is a free font from Peas for fonts and you can get it HERE

Start out with a New Image Transparent 700X700
Open Ladyhawwk_Frame1 and copy and paste as a new layer
Using your Rectangle Selection Tool (Add(shift) Feather 0) make your selection go around the frame about half way
Copy and paste Staci Paper 10 and move down below your frame.
Copy and paste tube of choice, arrange on the frame where you like it (should be under your frame) and once happy
with how it looks hit Selections>Invert and then hit the Delete key on your keyboard.  Click where the paper is and then
hit delete again on your keyboard.  Selections>  Select None.

Open Staci Paper 9 and copy and paste as a new layer and then move to the bottom under your paper from the frame.
Apply your mask and then Layers>Merge>Merge group.

Open Myth_Element11 and copy and paste as a new layer
Using your pick tool arrange it so that it is the same width as the frame and taller than the frame making sure it is behind
the frame but in front of your mask.

Open Staci Element 5 and copy and paste as a new layer.  I moved it up and to the right just a touch to kind of show in front of the buildings
there..Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur 3...It kinda looks like smoke, fog, smog LOL

Open Ladyhawwk_Element5 and copy and paste as a new layer  move to the right and under paper for frame so that it peeks out.

OpenLadyhawwk_Element 35 and copy and paste as a new layer  Image>Free Rotate to the Left and Free 25.00  then move up and
to the left just a touch making sure it is above Myth's buildings

Open Myth_Element8 and copy and paste as a new layer making sure it is on the top of the frame.

Open Staci Element 1 and copy and paste as a new layer move down so it is centered at the bottom of the frame.

If you are happy with where everything is Layer>Merge> Merge Visible.
I resized everything to be 600X600 ( Image>Resize> 600X600 pixels)

Put your Artist Info and copyright and add your name and you are done!

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