Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FTU-Magic Spell

FTU-Magic Spell

Tube of Choice-I am using the artwork of Caron Vinson (This cute wizard
reminded me of Dumbledore LOL)  You can purchase this and other great
artwork at CDO.

Fonts used Grachi 2 and Garineldo SC

We will be using the Rounded Rectangle with your Selection Tool and Circle
and Star Preset Shapes.

Filter used is Mura's Meister Copies Tiling.

I also used some brushes.  Trees, moon and birds.


Open a 700X700 Transparent New Image.

Open your tube and copy and paste as a New Layer.

Layers New Raster Layer. Open your Selection Tool and under Selection
type scroll down to Rounded Rectange, Mode Add(Shift) Feather 0 Anti-alias
checked and make a rounded rectangle going across.

  Size choice is yours.
Don't De-Select. I then flood filled with a color from my tube. Selections
Modify Contract 8 Layers New Raster Layer and I flood filled with a lighter
color from my tube.  Selections Select None.  I moved the smaller rectangle up and to the right
to make it slightly off center.

Layers New Raster Layer and repeat with the Rounded Rectangle but make it
go up and down this time.  I used the color of the eyes this time you may
choose to use a different color and I say Go For It!  Repeat with the smaller
Rectangle. and make it off Center.

With your original rectangle active, using your star preset tool (symmetric
shape) and your colors chosen (I did a gradient of yellow and white)
make a small star. Objects Align Center in Canvas Layers Convert to Raster
Layer.  Effects Plug Ins Mura's Meister Copies Tiling and hit OK (I didn't
change the numbers) and you should have a bunch of stars showing.  Activate
that first rectangle Selections Select All Selections Float/DeFloat Selections
Invert Activate the Star Layer and hit the Delete Key once on your keyboard.
Selections Select None.

You could either repeat with the stars for the other set of standing Rectangles
or use a preset shape of your choice.

With your background/Raster 1 active, using your Eclipse Preset tool
Mine automatically makes everything black.  If yours doesn't change your
background to black, Foreground Null and make a circle. Obejects Align
Center in Canvas.  Selection Select All Selections Float/ DeFloat Layers
New Raster Layer, I chose a really light lavender color but use what looks
best with your tube and other color choices and flood fill. Here is where
I would do your Text on a curve.  Layers New Raster Layer and if you move
your mouse by the edge of the circle you will see the letter A with a curve
under it, click and your font box will show up.  Write what you will in
that box and hit ok. Click on the Black Circle, Layers Convert to Raster
Layer Adjust Blur Gaussian Blur 3.00.

Now here is where I added my brushes.  Remember to add a New layer then
apply the brush.  I added Trees to my front Circle and Moon and Birds to
the standing Rectangle.

Layers Merge Merge Visible. I resized to 600X600.

Add your name and ©copyright information.

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