Thursday, September 11, 2014

PTU-Renaissance Bride Timeline Banner

PTU-Renaissance Bride

Tube of choice - I am using the STUNNING artwork of Maxine Gadd.  You can 
purchase this and other BEAUTIFUL artwork by Maxine and other Artists at CDO.

Filters used - DSB Flux Blast and Bright Noise , Greg's Factory Outlet Vol. II Pool 
Shadow, Willy Tablet Lines Tramages TeeWee and Xero Bad Dream.

Font used - FTU font called Beaked Tyrant


Open an 851X315 transparent new image.

Copy and paste your tube.  Layers Duplicate, Image Flip and move either to the 
left or right of the original tube and move below that tube so there is very little of 
the background showing.  Layers Duplicate, Image Mirror.  Move if needed to cover
the background.  Activate the original layer and Layers Duplicate.  Move either to
the far Left side or Right side.  Layers Duplicate, Image Mirror.  I then made my
very bottom layer (Layer 1) inactive and Layers Merge, Merge Visible. Activate 
your bottom Layer, Selection Select All, Activate the tube layer, Image Crop to
Selection.  Layers Duplicate.  Hide the top layer as we will be working with the 
original layer now.

With the bottom tube layer Active Effects, PlugIns, DSB Flux Blast Direction Left
Percentage 20 and hit OK.  Do the same again but change the direction Right.
Do Upwards and Downwards too.

Effects PlugIns Willy Tablet Lines Everything is at 0 except Line Spacing and that 
should be at 2.

OK Activate your Duplicate copy of your tube layer (Should be your top copy), 
Adjust Blur Gaussian Blur 3.00.  Effects PlugIns DSB Flux Bright Noise Intensity
at 41 and click the lighter circle and hit OK.

Effects PlugIns Tramages TeeWee  Input Channel (R,G,B) at 11 andMode at
212 and hit OK.

Change your blend mode to Overlay.

Copy and paste your tube again and move it toward the right a bit and down a 
touch.  Activate your bottom Layer, Selection Select All, Activate the top tube layer, 
Image Crop to Selection. Effects PlugIns Xero Bad Dream Softness and Strength 
at 128 and everything else at 0.  Add a dropshadow.

Add your ©copyright information and Name.

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