Thursday, August 25, 2011

From The Moon With Love-PTU

From The Moon With Love-PTU

Artist Tube by Caron Vinson.  My license for this tube is thru CILM but you can purchase at CDO HERE

Tag Template 400 by Missy.  You can download her templates HERE.

Scrapkit is called From the Earth to the Moon by Digicats (& Dogs).  This BEAUTIFUL kit and more can be purchased at Digi Fox Studio's HERE.


Let's get started!

Open missy_tagtemplate400.  Image> Canvas Size  I did mine 700X700 so how ever large you would like yours.

Delete the following missy, wordart, wordart back, wordart shadow and background.

Now we will work from the bottom up.  Make center circle2 layer active. We will be doing this on all the layers
of the template...Selections> Select All Selections> Float Selections> Defloat and copy and paste paper of choice.
Selections> Invert and hit the Delete Key on your keyboard.  Delete original layer. On all the Whit Circle Backs
and Frames I did Adjust> Add/ Remove Noise Add Noise 80% Gaussian Monochrome Checked.
Here is what paper I chose and what layer I used it on:
center circle 2-DCD_FE2m_Paper02
Square 1 and Square 2-DCD_FE2M_Paper14
Rectangle 1 and Rectangle 2-DEC_FE2M_Paper23
Circle1 and Circle 2-DCD_FE2M_Paper06
Frame Back 1 and Frame Back 2-DCD_FE2M_Paper11
Center Circle-DCD_FE2M_Paper13

Open your Tube and Copy and Paste as a New layer.  I had to move mine up so move to where you like it.

Open DCD_FE2M_ChickenWire and Copy and Paste as a New Layer. Move to where you like it and then Layers>
Duplicate Adjust>Blur Gaussian Blur 3.00 Layers> Merge Down Layers> Arrange Send to bottom Layers> Duplicate
Image> Flip/Mirror and scoot the one on the bottom of your tag down a little bit.

Making sure your top layer is active Copy and Paste DCD_FE2M_Divider  I moved it down at the bottom of my tube and
Then moved it below my circle back layers.

Activate your top layer and Copy and Paste DED_FE2M_Time Flies and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.
Move down so it is covering the bottom of your tube.

Open DCD_FE2M_Asteroid Image> Resize 50% Copy and Paste as a New Layer  Place where you like.  I moved mine up and
to the left of my tube then moved the Astroid under the Tube Layer.

Open DCD_FE2M_Deco03 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer Layers> Arrange Send to bottom

Activate your top layer, Open DCD_FE2M_Deco02 Image> Mirror and Copy and Paste as a New Layer. Move to the
right Layers> Arange Send to Bottom

Activate your top layer, Open DCD_FE2M_Flower04 Image> Resize 50% and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  Move
to the right and under your tube layer.

Open DCD_FE2M_Fly Image> Resize 50% Image> Resize 50%  (Yes twice LOL) and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.
Move to thr right on your flower and that is it!

What I did was Layers> Merge Merge Visible, Image> Resize 600X600  Put my © Copyright Info and Name on it.

I really enjoyed writing this tut.  I hope it is easy for you to follow and that you will have your friends
try it!
Hugs, Staci

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