Sunday, August 14, 2011

PTU Teal Promise

PTU-Teal Promise

Artwork by Camilla Drakenborg.  You can get this beautiful tube at Up Your Art HERE.

Scrap kit by LadyHawwk Designs.  You can purchase this wonderful kit at Digi Foxs Studio HERE.

Filter used is Mura's Meister Copies.  It is a FTU filter and you can download HERE.

Font used is Floydian.  It is a FTU Font and you can download HERE


Open a New Image 700X700 Transparent

Open LHD-all_about_Teal_Element16 and copy and paste as a new layer

Effects> Mura's Meister Copies Encircle and then change the nuber to 4 and hit OK

Open LHD_all_about_Teal_Element 17 and copy and paste as a new layer

Effects> Mura's Meister Copies Encircle and then change the nuber to 4 and hit OK

Image> Free Rotate left/right Free 45

Open LHD_all_about_Teal_Element 18 and copy and paste as a new layer
What I did was move to where I wanted it and then duplicated it and moved it with my
Mover tool and duplicated and repeated till all the spaces were filled.
Once you are happy where it all is then Layers> Merge> Merge Visible and you have a round frame!

With your Magic Wand Mode: Add(Shift) Match Mode: FGB Value and tolerence and Feather:0
Click inside the frame you just made then Selections> Modify> Expand 10
Copy and Paste LHD_all_about_Teal_Paper9 move below your frame layer
Selections> Invert and hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Open LHD_all_about_Teal_Element13  Image> Resize 128X512 and copy and paste as a new layer.
Move up so a little is showing over the top of your frame.
Using your eraser tool erase what is hanging over the side of the frame Layer> Duplicate
Image> Free Rotate Left/Right 23 and then I Layers> Duplicate Image> Mirror  I did this a
bunch of times till I had it going half way around my frame then I closed out the frame and the paper
under it then made sure I was on my top layer of my flowers then Layers> Merge Visible then Layers>
Duplicate Image> Mirror so I know have it surounding the frame. then I merged the flowers together and
moved them below my frame and paper layers after I made them visible again.

Open LHD_all_about_Teal_Element79 and copy and paste as a new layer.  Move up and to the right.
Layers> Duplicate move to the left and down a touch.  See my example for placement.  I merged these
2 layers together and moved them to the bottom.

Copy and paste the tube of your choice.

Open LHD_all_about_Teal_Element38 and copy and paste as a new layer. move down and to the right a bit
and move under your tube layer.  Once you are happy everything Layers> Merge Merge Visible.

I then Image> Resize 600X600 put on your © Copyright layer and name and you are done!
Happy PSPing and remember Have fun!
Hugs, Staci

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