Thursday, August 4, 2011

PTU-Fairy World

Fairy World-PTU

Beautiful Artwork by Selina Fench.  I have my license thru CILM but you can purchase this tube at CDO HERE

Scrap kit is My Blu fairy's world by Babyfairy.  You can purchase this beautiful kit at Digi Fox Studio's HERE

Mask used is by Chas and you can d/l HERE

Font used is Scriptina.  It is a FTU font and can be found HERE

Let's get started!

Open a New Image 700X700 transparent
Open Babyfairy_Pp(3).  Image resize 700X700 and copy and paste as a new layer
Open chas3mask.  Layers> New Mask Layer From Image.  Source luminance checked Invert mask data unchecked and scroll
to find chas 3 mask and then click OK.

Open Babyfairy_elmt(10) Image> Flip Image> Mirror  Image> Resize 298X500 Pixels  Move to the right.

Open Babyfairy_elmt(6) Image> Resize 650X292 Pixels and copy and paste as a new layer.  Move to where you like it
See my example for my placement.  Once happy with your placementmove below your tube layer.

Open Babyfairy_elmt(11) Image> Resize 339X650 Pixels and copy and paste as a new layer.  Move up and to the left.
See my example for my placement. Make sure this is on top of your tube layer.

Open Babyfairy_elmt(13) Image> Resize 623X650 Pixels and copy and paste as a new layer  I moved it up a touch and moved
it below the tube layer.  If there is a little bit of stem showing on the bottom just erase that bit with your eraser
tool.  Once happy with placement and no stem showing.  I duplicated and on the top layer I Adjust> Blur Gaussian Blur 3.0
Layers>Merge Merge down sothose leaves are merged together.

Open Babyfairy_elmt(28) Image> Resize 248X550 Pixels Copy and paste as a new layer and move below those leaves we just
did.  Again any stems showing at the bottom just use your erase tool to get rid of it.

Open Babyfairy_elmt(5) Image> Resize 248X548 Pixels  Copy and paste as a new layer and scoot it to the left.  Layers duplicate

Open Babyfairy_elmt(25) Image> Resize 291X450 and paste as a new layer.  Move it down between the two lights we just duplicated.
What I did was using my erase tool (circle size 50 hardness 100 step 10 density, thickness, opacity 100 rotation 0)
I erased the bottom of the light (babyfairy elmt 28) and the top of the stem of the flower (babyfairy elmt 5).

If your happy with everything Layers> Merge Merge visible.  At this point I resized all my layers to 600X600 (Image> Resize
600X600 all layers checked)

Put your ©copyright info and name and that is it!

This is a fun kit with lots of possibilities and I hope you explore them all!
Hugs, Staci

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