Thursday, September 1, 2011

PTU- For a Good Time Call...

PTU- For a Good Time Call...

Artwork by Ismael Rac.  I used the Jailbreak HD Pack which is wonderful!  To purchase
this or any other pieces of his work visit his store at

Filters used are dsb flux and Xero Radiance.  These are FTU filters and can be downloaded right here.

Font used is Uniquely Sprayed.  It is a FTU font and can be downloaded at Fonts2U.


Open a 600X250 Transparent New Image

Open JBHDP_pp2_XX and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  Go to the very bottom layer and make it active
Selections> Select All then make your paper layer active and go to Image> Crop to Selection and now
your paper is the right size!

Open JBHDP_pp3_XX and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  Repeat the instructions above on how to get your
paper the right size.  Effect> dsb flux Blast Left at whatever setting it is on.  repeat dsb flux blast
but change direction to the right.  Repeat one more time but change direction back to the left.
Change your blend mode to Overlay.  Click on that bottom layer again. Selections> Select All click on the
paper you just blasted and Image> Crop to selection.

Open your tube...I used the close up tube but you can use which ever one you want.  I did Image> Mirror.
Copy and Paste as a New Layer and moved to where you want.  I moved mine to the right.  Clicked on the bottom
Layer and cropped the tube to selection.  Layer> Duplicate On the bottom (original) layer I did Xero> Radiance
at the default settings.  On the top (duplicated) layer of the tube Adjust> Blur Gaussian Blur at 3.00 and
changed the blend level to 56.  Some might want more blend some might want less it is your choice.

Re open your tube (again I used the close up tube for this one and resized.  If it is easier for you use the
middle sized or smaller sized tube)  Resized this tube and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  Drop Shadow of

Layers> Merge Visible.  Put in your © copyright info and license info and watermark.

I then put on there For a Good Time Call but you can put whatever you want and a name.

I wanna Thank You for doing my tutorial and I hope you have as much fun as I did making it!
Hugs, Staci

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