Monday, September 12, 2011

PTU-Magical Dreams

PTU-Magical Dreams

Tube of Choice.  I used Anna Marine's Beautiful tube that is a background and can be
purchased at CDO.

Scrap kit I used is a Beautiful kit called Magical Dreams by Foxy's Designz.  Thank You so much Ann for allowing my to use your Beautiful Kit!  This kit and others by Foxy can by purchased at Digi Fox Studio.

Font I used is called Pea Lovey Dovey.  You can download this and other fonts at Fonts for Peas.

Filter used is Eye Candy Gradient Glow.  You can check it out here or just use a really heavy
white drop shadow.  That choice is yours.

The drop shadow I used is this V & H:2 Op:50  Blur:10 Color Black


Open a New Image 700X700 Transparent.

Open Element15_FD Image> Resize 600X621 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.

Open your tube with the background and Copy and Paste as a New Layer. Move this below your

Change your Mover Tool to your Pick Tool and scoot in the sides and bottom of the window so your
Background tube is all in the window.  Once you get it where you like it click on your tube layer,
activate your Eraser Tool and erase the bits of tube that are showing above and below the frame.
Layers> Merge  Merge Visible.

Open Element5_FD Image> Resize 650X478 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  Move to where you like.
I moved to the bottom and played with the window to get it where I liked it.

Open Element3_FD Image> Resize 491X109 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  I moved it down toward the
Bottom and moved it under the Apple City .

Open Element6_FD Image Resize 650X521 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.

Open Element17_FD Image> Resize 272X300 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer. Image> Mirror and move to
the Right.  Once happy with the placement move blow the window layer.

Open Element14_FD Image> Resize 272X167 With your top layer activated Copy and Paste as a New Layer.
I moved it to above the rainbow layer.

Open Element39_FD Image> Resize 500X343 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  I moved it to the top
part of the window.

Open Element12_FD Image> Resize 500X204 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  What I did was move it to the
right a touch and then duplicated moved up and to the left duplicated again and moved to the bottom.  I
merged all three of those layers and moved to the bottom.

Open Element19_FD Image> Resize 295X295 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  I moved it up and to the left
to cover the end of the branch and then Layers> Duplicate Image> Mirror and then moved that down and them moved
it under the window layer.

Open Element31_FD Image> Resize 295X134 and copy and Paste as a New Layer.  I moved it under the lamp on the
right and then duplicated and moved it down and to the left.

At this point you can add anything else you want to your tag that is in the kit or even a mask if you wanted

Once happy with everything Layers> Merge Merge Visible.

Put on your ©Copyright and Name.  What I did with the name is using the font of choice put in the name you want.
Selections> Select all Float/Defloat Selections> Modify Expand 2 then I used the color of the star and white
to make a sunburst gradient Layers> New Layer and flood fill with that gradient.  Move this below your original
name layer and with it still activated Adjust> Add/Remove Noise Add Noise Gaussian 80% Monochrome checked
and then I did a fat Gradient Glow.

I hope you enjoy doing this tut as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope you learned something new also.

Hugs, Staci

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