Friday, April 13, 2012

PTU-Memories of Home

PTU-Memories of Home

Tube of Choice-I am using a VERY CUTE tube by Cuddly Rigor Mortis!!!  You can purchase this and other great tubes from CDO

Scrap Kit used-I am using a BEAUTIFUL kit by Hungry Hill called I Do Love Hugs. *Thank You Alison!* You can purchased this and other great kits at CDO

Mask used is MB and SW Mask 36.  You can download this and other masks at Moonbeams and Spiderwebs

Filter used is Mura's Meister Copies

Font used is a FTU Font called Orial


Open a 700X700 Transparent New Image

Open lace-edging and copy and paste as a New Layer

With you Magic Wand click on the inside of the lace, Activate your bottom layer and copy and paste paper-1 as a New Layer.  Selections Invert and hit the delete key once on your keyboard.  Selections Select None

Open Fern-2 Image Resize 90% and copy and paste as a New Layer.  Move to the bottom of the edging and to the right, Layers Duplicate Image Mirror.  You will notice the stem is
sticking out.  I used my eraser tool to erase them.

Open up your tube and copy and paste as a New Layer (I used the top one) and move down on to the ferns.

Open heartstring and copy and paste as a New Layer and move this below your tube layer.
I wanted the string on the right to look like it was weaving around the fern so I duplicated and moved below the fern layer and with the top one active I used my eraser tool to do that.

Open mailbox Image Mirror and copy and paste as a New Layer. I moved it to the left and moved it just above the edging layer.

Open your tube again and you will notice that there is just a flower layer...Open a New 700X700 Transparent New Image and copy and paste that flower layer.  I used Mura's Meister Copies on this...I didn't change the preset menu at all just changed the number to 50 and hit OK.  Now activate the bottom layer of your tag and copy and paste what you just did as a New Layer.

Open your mask Layers New Mask Layer from Image scroll down to find your mask and hit OK Layers Merge Merge Group.  What I then did was used the pick tool and expand the mask so it could be seen around the edges.

Layers Merge Merge Visible.  Add your ©copyright information and your Licensing# and Name and you are done!

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