Monday, September 3, 2012



I am using the gorgeous artwork of Jessica Dougherty.  You can purchase
this and other great pieces of art at CDO.

Filters used are Eye Candy 4000 Corona, DSB Flux Blast, and Mosaic Glass
that is in your Paint Shop Pro Textures Effects.

I used a flowing line floral brush also. Do a google search for FTU brushes. Deviantart has some brushes there that are just beautiful.

Fonts used Guilty and Carpenter ICG


Open a 600X250 Transparent New Image and flood fill with Black.

Open your tube and move to where you like it.  Activate the bottom layer,
Selections Select All, Activate the tube layer, Image Crop to Selection.

Duplicate your tube and on the bottom tube layer I used Eye Candy Corona.
I used a color from the tube and just played with the numbers till I liked
it.  Then I used DSB Flux Blast. Left and Right twice at 20%. Then Effects,
Texture Effects Mosaic-Glass Number of columns/rows 50, Glass curvature 50,
Edge curvature 0, Grout width 2, Grout diffusion 50, Symmetric checked
and hit OK.

At this point I added my brush.  I used the tubes lightest flesh color and
a color from the outfit.  Activate your black layer, Layers New Raster
Layer and add your brush in the corner.  Duplicate it if necessary, then
duplicate again Image Mirror.  I then activated the black layer again,
using the outfit color and using the brush again but out a bit farther then
the first time.  Duplicate if needed.  Image Flip.  Layers Duplicate,
Image Mirror.

Add your ©copyright and licensing information. Layers Merge Merge Visible.

Add your word or name.  I typed out devil using the guilty font and
added the corona filter to that and used Carpenter to write my name.

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