Monday, September 3, 2012

How to use brushes

OK had a request on how to use brushes and where to store them on your computer, so here goes my attempt to explain it LOL.
What you want to do is set up a separate folder for your brushes.  and download your brushes into that folder.  In PSP you can tell it what folder you want your brushes, when you pull them up that is.
It is under File, Preferences, File Locations.  Click on Brushes and click add.  Scroll till you find your folder.

Now to use brushes is very easy...looks hard but very easy.  Open a new image what ever size you want just  to start and learn making sure you have a color on the bottom layer...let's say Black.  Click on your brush tool and grab what ever brush you want.  Layer New Raster Layer and then using a contrasting color click on your new layer and you should have whatever your brush is on that new layer.  When changing to a different brush always remember to add a New Layer.  Was very hard for me to remember the new layer when I first started playing with brushes and frustrating too but don't give up!  Once you get the hang of it brushes are fun and add the right little something to your tags.
Hope this helps a little bit in understanding brushes.  If not leave me a comment and I will try and help you more if I can.

Hugs, Staci

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