Monday, November 21, 2011

PTU-Silent Night

PTU- Silent Night

Tube of Choice- I am using the artwork of Jennifer Janesko.  I purchased it from CILM
but you can purchase this tube and others from CDO.

Scrapkit I used is called Silent Night by Hungry Hill Scraps.  It is a PTU kit and
can be purchased at Digi Fox's Studios.  Thank You Alison!

Mask of choice- I am using Moonbeams and Spiderwebs Mask 1.  You can get it and other
great masks HERE

Font of Choice- I am using a FTU font called Janda Swirlygirl font that can be
downloaded from Fontspace.


Open a 700X700 Transparent Image

Open Circle and Copy and Paste as a New Layer

With your magic wand click on the inside of the circle Selections>Modify Expand 15

Copy and Paste paper-4 as a New Layer Selections> Invert and hit delete once on your
keyboard Open Snow and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  Now Hit the delete key once on
your keyboard on the snow layer and then make your paper layer active and hit the
delete key on your keyboard again.  Selections> Select None.

Open lantern Image> Resize 300X300 and copy and paste as a new layer.  I move it under
the circle layer and to the right.  See my example for my placement.  Move to where
you like!

Open flakes and Copy and Paste as a New Layer  I moved to the bottom and made it so it
showed up around the circle.  Once happy with placement I duplicated and Image> Flip/Mirror and moved to where it surrounded the circle you may want to just do the one.

At this point I Copied and Pasted my tube which is a close up.  I activated my snow layer
and then Copy and Pasted my tube so it was above the snow and then activated the paper
layer and Selections> Select All Float/Defloat Invert and with my tube layer activated
once moved into place I hit the delete key on my keyboard.  Before I got rid of the Selection
I Copied and Pasted lightstring moving it below my tube layer and then hit Delete on my
keyboard and then Selections> Select None.

With the circle layer active, Open cluster Image> Resize 600X255 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  I moved it down toward the bottom of the circle.

Open deer-2 Image> Resize 193X300 and Copy and Paste as a New Layer.  I then moved it to the right.

What I did next was pick a dark color from the leaves of the circle, added a new layer,
Layers> Arrange Send to bottom and applied my mask.  I then used my pick tool to move
the mask around to my liking and that is it!

I Merged Visible, resized to 600X600, added my ©copyright info and added a name.

I hope you enjoyed doing this tut and may have learned something new.

Hugs, Staci

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