Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PTU-I Remember

PTU-I Remember

Tube of Choice- I am using the artwork of Anna Marine.  You can purchase this and other
great tubes at CDO

Scrapkit used-  I am using a BEAUTIFUL kit called Twilight Rose by Foxy's Designz.  You can purchase this and other great kits at Foxy's Digi Store

Mask used-  I am using MB and SW Mask 2 by Moonbeams and Spiderwebs.  There are a bunch of great masks to download on her blog

Filter used- Xero Grayscaler.  It is a FTU Filter and can be downloaded here

Font of Choice- I am using a FTU font called Trinigan FG.  You can download this font at


Let's start by opening a New Image 700X700

Open Frame5_FD Image Resize 650X434 and copy and paste as a new layer. 

With your magic want click on the inside of the frame. Selections Modify Expand 10
Activate the layer below the frame. Open Paper9_FD and copy and paste as a new layer
Selections Invert and hit the delete key on your keyboard.  Don't unselect yet!

Open up your tube.  This tube happens to have a close-up tube so copy and paste as a
new layer, I scooted her to the right and down a little.  Hit delete on your keyboard but
don't unselect yet LOL.

Open Cloud_FD and copy and paste as a new layer.  I moved it down toward the bottom of the frame (see my tag for my placement) and hit delete on your keyboard.  Finally Selections Select None.

Activate your tube layer, Duplicate and on your original tube layer Effects Xero Greyscaler (make your colors all have 0) and hit ok.

Activate your duplicated tube layer Adjust Gaussian Blur 3.00 and change your blend mode to soft light. Layers Merge down so both tube layers are one layer now. Adjust Add/Remove Noise Add Noise and I did Gaussian 25% with Monochrome checked and hit ok. I then lowered the opacity a bit. 

Once happy with how everything is Layers Merge Merge visible. and move toward the bottom of your tag (see my tag for my placement).

Open Glitter_FD Image Resize 650X477 and copy and paste as a new layer.  Move below your frame layer.

Open HeartSwirlDeco_FD Image Resize 650X137 and copy and paste as a new layer.  Move to the bottom of your tag.

Open Ladder_FD Image Rotate Right/Left and copy and paste as a new layer. Move below your frame layer but so that it is peeking above the frame.

Open Branch2_FD Image Resize 650X136 and copy and paste as a new layer move this like you did the ladder (See my tag for my placement.

ok Now open your tube (the full figure showing legs LOL) Image Mirror and copy and paste as a new layer and move to the bottom of the tag.  I Duplicated the tube and on the duplicated tube I did Adjust Blur Gaussian Blur 3.00 then changed blend mode to Soft Light and merged the two tube layers together.

What I did next was Layers Merge Merge Visible...I resize my tags to 600X600 you might not With your Selection Tool set at Rectangle (0 feather) I start from the left (you might not LOL) Trace around your tag (we are getting rid of the empty space) once you are happy with what you have selected...Image Crop to Selection.

Open Paper11_FD and copy and paste as a new layer.  Open your mask and then Layers New Mask Layer from Image Scroll down to find your mask and click ok. Layers Merge Merge Group

With your Mover Tool Move to the top of your tag once happy with it Layers Duplicate
Image Flip and Merge these two masks together and move to the bottom.

Add your © copyright and license information and name and you are done!

Hugs, Staci

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