Thursday, May 30, 2013



Tube of choice-I am using the GORGEOUS Artwork of Caron Vinson.  You 
can purchase this and other artwork at CDO.

Scrap kit used is the matching Inspired by Caron Vinson 58-1 by Ladyhawwk
Designs (Love this kit Cathy!!!  Thank You so much!) You can purchase this
and other Scrap Kits at CDO.

Mask used is Mask 41 MB and SW by Moonbeams and Spiderwebs.

Fonts used I used Arial Black for the word Honeybee and Respective 2.0
for the name.


Open a 800X700 Transparent New Image.

I wrote out the word HONEYBEE in black and then stretched it out a bit.  
Selections Select All, Selections Float/Defloat, Selections Modify Contract 
2.  Layers New Raster layer and flood fill with a color from your tube.  
Selections Select None.  Activate the bottom Black layer, Layers Duplicate,
Adjust Blur Gaussian Blur 3.0 and hit OK.

With your top layer active, Copy and paste your tube.  I moved mine to 
the right a bit.

Open LHD_IB-Vinson-58-1-Ele6, Image Resize 750X256 and copy and 
paste as a New Layer.  I moved below the tube layer and down a bit.  Layers
Duplicate, Image Mirror and move below the bottom HONEYBEE layer.  I 
added a slight drop shadow to both.

Open LHD_IB-Vinson-58-1-Ele14, Image Resize 150X187 and copy and 
paste as a New Layer.  I moved below the bottom HONEYBEE layer and 
behind the O.  Layers Duplicate and I moved it over to behind the first E
in BEE.  Layers Duplicate and moved above the Yellow HONEYBEE and
moved it behind the tubes right arm.

Open LHD_IB-Vinson-58-1-Ele22, Image Resize 750X206 and copy and 
paste as a New Layer.  I moved this so it was in the middle of HONEYBEE
and moved the ribbon below the bottom black HONEYBEE.  Layers Duplicate
and I moved this above the yellow HONEYBEE.  With your eraser tool erase
some of the parts on the top ribbon to make it look like it is weaving thru
the word.  On the bottom ribbon layer I added a slight drop shadow.

Open LHD_IB-Vinson-58-1-Ele26 and copy and paste as a New Layer.  I 
moved this below the bottom ribbon layer and moved to the left and up a
bit.  I added a slight drop shadow.

With your bottom layer active, Open LHD_IB-Vinson-58-1-Paper6 and copy 
and paste as a New Layer.  Open your mask of choice, Layers New Mask
Layer from Image, Scroll to find your mask and click OK.  Layers Merge
Merge Group.  I used the Raster Deform tool and moved the top and bottom
of the mask down/up a bit.  I added a slight drop shadow.

Layers Merge Merge Visible.

Add your ©copyright and Licensing information and Name.

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